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This Morning is for Stretching

The air is damp, the crickets’ song steady, and the rooster is happy as usual while the grey veil of night lingers before day. It is in this quiet spot, I am leaning toward my Maker, seeking to affirm His … Continue reading

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Restablishing the Awe

I’m falling in love again. I just thought I’d mention it.   Whenever I find myself not quite focused spiritually, not quite in daily sync with God–whenever His calls of faith and service become muffled by life’s responsibilities, distractions, or … Continue reading

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Something You Can Count On

There’s just something about the midnight blue dawning, where Night meets Day to hand off the sheltering of all that is living. There’s a strip of beauty in this relay of ending and beginning. As the baton of time changes … Continue reading

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An Uncommon Song

Today I have been granted the quiet beauty of a Snow Day, no morning headache, and only the residual seal-barking of a cold. So here I sit, watching nature’s best television series out my bay window, quieting my soul to … Continue reading

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Sing Like Angels, Speak Like Shepherds

Christmas songs keep getting stuck in my head this season, and I’m trying to drown out the gift-getting, Santa-soaked, self-centered ones with those that speak holy truths. Today’s unshakeable refrain is “Angels We Have Heard on High.” With each melodious … Continue reading

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He’s In the Smudge

True confession time: I can be a little obsessive.  I can get easily become fixated on certain things that are out of order: a crooked seam in a quilt, papers at school stacked up a certain way, crooked pictures hanging … Continue reading

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Preparation (Still Aiming not to Skim!)

It’s Saturday morning. The (hopefully) restful end to a busy week. It is the day before Sunday, though I don’t often think of it that way. But today I am, and I am preparing my heart for worship. In all … Continue reading

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