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Readjusting Our Grip

These are strange times. It is so easy to let the anxiety of the unknown, and the uncertainty of best practices and our future, loosen our confidence. It is easy to slip into the spirit of finger pointing, irritation, and … Continue reading

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When the Questions You Ask Aren’t the Ones You Need Answers To

Sidle up, Friends. It’s time for a little rest on this dusty journey. Grab a stone, shade your eyes from the noonday sun and look up.   You can tell a lot about someone by the way they talk to … Continue reading

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Deep Roots

I’m sitting here in dark quiet, gathering strength for the hours ahead, arming myself with God’s righteousness for what comes in this day …and I spill an entire mug of coffee all over my already-dressed-for-work self. At rapid speed, the … Continue reading

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When Earth-habits Bleed into Heart-habits

I am still pondering the fine art of skimming, and I am thinking about prayer. defines the word skim as: to take up and remove floating matter from the surface…to move or glide lightly along…to read, study, consider, treat … Continue reading

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